This project was conducted for Transport Canada Ports Policy to examine changes in the structure of the Lower Mainland drayage sector and analyze potential impacts on industry stability. The analysis was based on the methodology and industry benchmarks from the 2009 Lower Mainland Port Trucking Review, adjusted to take advantage of additional data sources or other resources to enhance the completeness and quality of the research.

In addition to technical analysis of available data, interviews were held with a sample of system participants including drayage firms, labour organizations, shippers, terminal operators and Port Metro Vancouver to gather data and solicit their views on current container logistics issues and port efficiency.

This study expanded on the analysis undertaken for the 2009 Lower Mainland Port Trucking Review through inclusion of analysis of the impact of intercorporate linkages on industry structure and behavior, and an assessment of the cost impacts of Port Metro Vancouver’s Truck Licensing System Environmental Requirements which will progressively exclude older trucks until model-year 2007 standards are achieved for the entire drayage fleet.