This set of studies ranges from identifying rail and highway bottlenecks through industrial land availability and demand to truck parking facilities. Conducted for both public and private organizations, they demonstrate a thorough approach to research and data analysis in fundamental economic engine primers.

New Asian Markets

Forestry Innovation Investment Logistics Analysis for Wood Products to New Asian Markets (2020 and 2023)

Davies Transportation Consulting Inc. (DTCI) was engaged by Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) to increase its understanding of the shipping and logistics options available to industry when approaching new Asian markets including India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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Metro Vancouver Food Flows Study

Metro Vancouver Food Flows Study (2020)

DTCI was engaged by Metro Vancouver to conduct a “Food Flow” study to describe how food products move within the region and across regional borders.

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Shipping and Logistics Study for Columbia Basin Trust (2017)

DTCI was engaged by the Columbia Basin Trust to conduct a Regional Shipping and Logistics Analysis to identify constraints and challenges to efficient logistics operations and make recommendations for improvements

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Regional Goods Movement Study for Halifax (2016)

Davies Transportation Consulting Inc. recently completed a Regional Goods Movement Scoping Study for Halifax Regional Municipality

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Pacific Gateway 2.0 Research and Analysis Related to Forest Products Exports (2011)

Mr. Davies led a team in this study for the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.

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