Truck Stop

DTCI led this study for the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) in collaboration with Darryl Anderson of Wave Point Consulting, Richard Wozny of Site Economics, and Steve Hayto of S5 Services. The purpose of the study was to explore partnership opportunities with the private sector for the development of comprehensive truck stop services as part of the 2015 BC on the Move 10-year Strategic Plan and the development of a provincial trucking strategy.

The scope included a profile of the existing industry and growth potential; identification of potential locations for private sector development; and partnership options for MOTI to encourage additional truck stops at these locations. Results of an on-line survey of truck drivers conducted by the consulting team for the study were published as a stand-alone document by MOTI. The study provided Business Cases for development of a full-service commercial truck stop facility or a stand-alone food service facility on the sites of the existing Bradner and Britton Creek rest areas.